Think and Grow Rich Study Group (Beta)

Think and Grow Rich Study Group (Beta)

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The Think and Grow Rich Study Group is a beta course designed to walk group members through the entire book of Think and Grow Rich while discussing key concepts within the book. Most study groups offered by others focus on the theoretical or intellectual aspects of the material offered. At Celestial Source we are huge fans of Think and Grow Rich and have a deep understanding of the underlying hidden principles contained within this text with a firsthand knowledge of how to effectively put these principles into practice to achieve your goals.  

Do you have a financial or personal goal but have not been able to stick with it? The Think and Grow Rich Study Group is for you!

Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill recommends that to most effectively put into practice the principles of Think and Grow Rich students of his work should assemble or join a group for the regular reading of Think and Grow Rich. Mr. Hill advises that the group may consist of any desired number of people who are friendly and harmonious and that the group should meet at regular periods, as often as once a week.  

Mr. Hill advises the following procedure for each meeting:

  • Read one chapter of the book at each meeting.
  • Afterwards, discuss contents of each chapter should be freely discussed by all members
  • Each member should make notes, putting down ALL IDEAS OF HIS OWN inspired by the discussion.
  • Each member should carefully read and analyze each chapter several days prior to its open reading and joint discussion in the club.
  • The reading at the club should be done by someone who reads well and understands how to put color and feeling into the lines.

The Think and Grow Rich Study Group offered by Celestial Source will closely follow Mr. Hill’s guidelines and will consist of the following:

  • Group members shall meet once a week for a total of one hour each session.
  • Each meeting will consist of one half hour of reading and one half hour of discussion.
  • One chapter of Think and Grow Rich will be read at each meeting.
  • Reading of the text will be accomplished by a member of Celestial Source.

For a limited time we are offering a beta version of this course with the low cost of $10. Prior to taking the course, members must purchase a copy of Think and Grow Rich; you may purchase Think and Grow Rich at the Celestial Source Bookstore. For the one time fee of $10 group members will receive the following:

  • One guided reading of the entire book Think and Grow Rich.
  • Open discussions at each meeting.
  • An in-depth understanding of Think and Grow Rich and assistance with putting the principles into practice.
  • Ability to ask questions and receive feedback.
  • Assistance with putting the Think and Grow Rich principles into practical use.

With the Think and Grow Rich Study Group you can take the first step towards setting financial, professional, and personal goals and seeing these goals materially manifest before your eyes!

The Think and Grow Rich Study Group beta course is available for a limited time at the low cost of $10. We look forward to having you join our study group!